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The Minikin Personalized 3D Figurines are Printed in Full Color

The Minikin personalized 3D figurines are a customized game token or collectible for those looking to incorporate a neat collectible into their roster of game gear. The figurines are 3D-printed with a full-color face that is designed in the likeness of yourself or a friend to give them each a distinct sense of character and personality. The figures come in several size options to choose from including the original that stands at three-inches in height with a 1.5-inch base, while the Minikin Mini is two-inches tall with a one-inch base.To get more news about custom couple figurine, you can visit koalaprint.com official website.
The Minikin personalized 3D figurines are great as a gift or fun toy, but also show distinct promise for avid gamers who can use them as their game token in their favorite board game.
Minikin provides a mobile app where users submit selfies and then select their desired gender, body type, hairstyle, clothing, accessories, and size. For $20-35, Minikin 3D-prints 2-inch to 3-inch replicas of their users, delivered to the doorstep in only one to two weeks.
MassPersona is the only company on the market that both manufactures and generates personalized figurines that deliver each of these criteria: (1) Made to look like the user; (2) Simple and easy to personalize and order; (3) Realistic and not cartoonish; (4) Affordable; (5) Make it yourself; (6) Able to be made for someone else as a gift.

Competitors sell mini figurines for the average person or for fantasy gamer fans, but Minikins are versatile and target a wider range of customers. In addition to their broad appeal, Minikins' quality and technology also set them apart: