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Finding a juicer for personal use is fairly straight-forward. However, finding the right juicer for your commercial purpose is a completely different story. These juicers are more expensive, have fewer reviews, plus it’s extremely essential that they can live up to the demands of your business.To get more news about Industrial juice extractor, you can visit hlmachines.com official website.

That’s why we’ve gone out and done the hard work for you. The result of our reviews is laid out here for you to read through. We’ve compared the models, done the research, and come up with an easy format for giving you concise information that you can use to make your decision. Read on to discover which juicer best fits your commercial needs.
1. HUROM HZ Masticating Commercial Juicer – Best Overall
The Hurom HZ stainless steel juicer is quiet, stylish, and compact. It runs at a slow and quiet 43 RPM. An auger (rather than spinning blades) does the work, thus avoiding the noise pollution which traditional juicers make. The pulp that comes out of this machine is as close to bone-dry as is humanly possible. You’re not going to lose any juice with this machine, and the juice that comes out will taste like it was hand-squeezed.
This juicer produces commercial-grade results in a machine that is simple to use and clean. The customer service behind it is great and it comes with a 10-year motor warranty. You probably won’t need the warranty though because this machine is solidly constructed. You’ll get years of worry-free results from this juicer.

The slow RPM produces great results but the trade-off is one the manufacturer is upfront about – it’s slower than most other juicers. There’s nothing hidden here, so this juicer definitely earned its place as the top pick on the list.
2. Superland Commercial Orange Juicer
The Superland juicer can be set up in about twenty minutes. It runs through 20-22 oranges per minute, cranking out 4-7 glasses of juice per minute so you’re able to produce all the juice you need for a restaurant juice, drink shop, or smoothie bar. It’s compact enough to take on the road in a food truck or set up for special events. You’ll be a hit with this machine backing you up.

It’s easy to operate and clean which means minimal downtime in your business. Because it is stainless steel and PC plastic it’s antiseptic, reducing worries. This juicer’s commercial grade construction ensures that it will stand up under heavy, continuous use.

Unfortunately, the manual is horrible—nearly useless, in fact. Fortunately, this machine is so easy to use you really don’t need the manual. Additionally, it doesn’t have any built-in method of measuring the output volume, something you’d expect to find on a machine of this caliber.
3. Breville 800JEXL Juicer – Best Value
The Breville juicer is all stainless steel and titanium. It has two speeds, a large capacity pulp container, and even larger capacity juice collector. It works fast so there’s no waiting around. It’s easy to clean. Some of the parts are dishwasher safe, which really makes it simple.

It looks thoroughly professional in every way. You won’t be embarrassed to have it on the kitchen counter. It might even be a showpiece.
4. Champion Juicer PG710
This juicing machine from Champion is a commercial grade juicer. Although it has some excellent features and capabilities, it also has some serious issues which keep it in fourth place. The good news is that it’s very solidly constructed, and it’s easy to clean.

This machine overheats badly, defeating the main purpose of doing your own juicing. Why? Because heat destroys the enzymes and nutrients contained in fresh juice.

Another major problem is the way it handles leafy greens and soft fruits – it doesn’t. This juicer only works well with hard fruits and vegetables. Carrots work fine for instance. But soft fruits and vegetables are difficult to push through, and the fibers constantly clog the machine. Once that happens, the “easy” cleaning suddenly becomes a nightmare. So this machine is both easy and hard to clean depending on what you put in it.