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Have I mentioned that we live with a baby version of Mariah Carey? The bambino has always been quite vocal, especially since she was about four weeks old when she took to squealing and mimicking sounds that we were making. She has raised her game recently by communicating in ear piercing shrieks and screams which startle everyone around her. I blame her grandpa.... In an effort to have her interested in something other than sports on the TV, I hid her away from the TV and when she did look at it, it was for CBeebies (baby TV channel from BBC). The boyf and I put her in her little seat and some alien people came on the screen and next thing you know she was shrieking with high pitched joy. The boyf shot up out of bed and went over to her, thinking she might be in pain, but she just grinned at him goofily with a face full of drool. Now she seems to be challenging herself to reach higher and higher pitches...

We went to church yesterday and as we approached the reverend who'll be baptising her this Sunday, she let out a huge scream which scared the congregation! I reckon she got a few pacemakers going crazy...

Last week we were walking down the street and she was in her Baby Bjorn sling facing out to the front. As a man approached, she shrieked at him and he walked straight into a bin in shock!

On another occasion I was paying for a sneaky bag of sweets in Woolworths and she let out a high pitched scream at the counter and the poor guy backed himself into the cabinets behind him.

She woke at 6.15 this morning and I realised that I had forgotten to put the heating back on the timer. "OK, mummy's going to pop downstairs and put the..." I whispered as I padded down the stairs and she let out an ear piercing shriek and giggled. I had to steady myself on the stairs but sniggered at the thought of her waking her dad and grandpa out of their snores...

It's six days until the christening which seems to have exploded into a big affair which is likely to be have more than a hundred people in attendance. It's like a frickin' wedding and I can already hear the circus clock tolling... The boyf thinks I'm getting carried away with table decorations (they had a special on petals at the Confetti store...) and looked afraid when I suggested that each table should have a centrepiece. My ma called to ask if we're having a cake. "We're NOT having a cake!" the boyf yelled so that she could hear him. "Tell him to go to hell!" my ma giggled. I repeated her message and the boyf and his dad laughed. "Well I suppose we can have a cake...as long as you promise that you won't be in it!" he retorted. "Tell that boy that I'll deal with him when I see him!" she laughed. Much as my mother is very attractive and looks way younger than her 49 years, the thought of her popping out of a cake in all of her crackness is enough to get my heart thudding....

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