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It is not often that users face  Epson printer paper feed problems. However, any silly mistake can become the root cause of this issue. Luckily, little adjustments in your printer and paper placement can make you an expert in resolving Epson printer won't feed paper issues. 


Let's check out a few brilliant hacks to fix your Epson printer on your own.

Solution 1: Feed legal-sized media to your Printer 

Not every printer is specialized to print on specialty media like Cardstocks, envelopes, photo paper, etc. So, if you wish to print on these types of services, purchase specific models to handle these surfaces. 

If you have a normal printer, use legal-sized media to print. As feeding incorrect paper can cause Epson printer won't feed paper issues. Alling the paper properly into the paper tray else it can show an 'out of paper' error.

Solution 2: Try Reconnecting the Printer

This trick might look simple but works most of the time. Disconnect your printer and try reconnecting it after 30-60 seconds. This will renew all the connections and might resolve the issue.

Solution 3: Inspect Proper Alignment

Ensure that the printer is properly assigned. Make sure that the paper is properly aligned to the markings and you have not exceeded the printer's capacity to hold the paper.

Turn off your printer and remove the cord before you make the alignment before just to be extra cautious.

Solution 4: Inspect for Foreign Materials 

Any unwanted particle-like debris, paper clips, dust, etc., can clog your printer causing issues while printing. This not only makes you suffer while printing but can damage your printer and the hardware support can cost you a lot. 

Therefore, ensure that you clear your printer on a regular basis and remove all the foreign particles that can harm its proper functioning.

Solution 5: Maintain Regular Cleaning

Make sure you clean the paper cassettes regularly to avoid any issues with the printer. Follow the steps given below one by one to do it properly.

  1. Remove your printer from the power source.
  2. Remove the paper cassette from the device and place the printer standing to the right side for proper cleaning.
  3. Use a soft cloth to clean the rollers while rotating them
  4. Place the printer back in its position and reload the paper cassettes in the printer.

Make sure you replace the rollers whenever they wear out.

Final Words

Follow these smart hacks to fix the  Epson printer paper feed problems  on your own. If none of these solve your issue, reach out to the printer experts and get the solution within a few minutes.


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